Friday, May 04, 2007

happy tutcancelledsogomarmaladepantry day

what a day to remember! so someone happily volunteered to be PR-ed, and the boys happily traipsed off to the male toilet to try their hand/finger at it. urgh O_o"

this is probably the least explicit photograph of the lot.

and so my last official day as an m2 is a happy one, with mostly good news from everywhere and a happifying dessert treat (from myself) at marmalade pantry because of a cancelled tutorial. not much thoughts on it, which i'm sure i'll regret in time to come, but whatever!

zhenjin's face is so constipated cos sticky date toffee pudding with vanilla bean ice cream is better than strange apple rhubarb crumble =)

note zhenjin's spoon.

group shot

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