Saturday, June 23, 2007

hijack byejack

i'm baaaaaaack :)

first order of business, some out of point news - we found a turtle in the drain outside the house and have adopted it. apparently turtles love running away and we caught it wandering in the carpark after it managed to escape from the pond.

and sad news, yes, sadder than school starting so soon, is that jackie passed away while i was in portugal. poor klassie is really a changed dog, his tail markedly less waggy (apparently non-waggy till i came home. awwwww.) and that mischievous glint in his eyes lost. is it unnatural to be talking so much about animals here? whatever it is, it's like losing a friend and it's never easy to say goodbye to old friends. come to think of it, the oldest of my (human) friendships started around the same time we bought jackie haha. okay, enough.

with regard to my 2 week pilgrimage:
too many photos - i wonder if i've been a tourist more than a pilgrim.
and too many thoughts; i regret not writing them down earlier.
let me unpack then recollect tomorrow. for now, SLEEP.

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