Saturday, June 09, 2007

aiya okay whatever.

luggage1 has thrown up all over my floor, clothes and books and bottles of shampoo/soap/facewash overflowing like molten lava, destroying all the roads (to my bed).

enter luggage2. oh great big luggage2, won't you come to the rescue? oh, if only emily had enough willpower to stop herself from stoning in front of the computer! haha aiya okay whatever. it's a day before my finding-religious-roots trip as itkz calls it, and all i can think about is how i can't bear to leave jackie alone - and klassie who's now been appointed the protector of jackie, i.e. he sits next to the very deflated looking jackie who gets frustrated that he can't stand up and sulks for hours on end, and refuses to budge from his place nor let anyone get too close to jackie. and omg i'm going to miss the smell of dog that pervades from every pore and is inextricable regardless of number of baths. hai. [good for you if you understood all that rambling]

the next 2 weeks will be full of travelling, praying seriously (as opposed to praying out of desperation) and being open to whatever this trip has to offer. hopefully i'll be back more confident of things i wasn't too sure of. hmm.

omg this has got to be the most shameful entry so far, no structure, incomplete paragraphs, no start or end. totally aimless and useless and so damn dull. hai, i'm sorry about the state of this blog. i want very much to say things about things but the thought of having to organise my thoughts and censor stuff is just too much for me. same for some of my msn conversations. simply no patience, especially with all the stoning i have to do =p

putting aside all the griping, enjoy your respective slacking/holiday plans everyone! cya in 2 weeks! :) [edit: i'm really really glad that i have this 3 week break unlike last year's horrible supps. m3 will be equally/more hardworking i swear!]

ps. oh here's my itinerary in short, not so much for people who are gonna be in the same area to meet up, but more so people will stop asking me where i'm going! i really cannot remember/pronounce much of it, sorry!! =p

day 1: singapore/paris
day 2: paris/nevers/paray-le-monial (see, told you i can't pronounce it)
day 3: paray-le-monial/ars/valence
day 4: valence/lourdes
day 5 and 6: lourdes
day 7: lourdes/barcelona
day 8: barcelona/montserrat/zaragoza
day 9: zaragoza/madrid (i think there's half a day of shopping here!! :)
day 10: madrid/fatima
day 11: fatima
day 12: fatima/santarem/fatima
day 13: fatima/lisbon/singapore yayyy.

pps: omg i went to look for photos of the places (lourdes and montserrat) i'm going!! wow! they don't really look like photos (in a good way) especially montserrat - feels like someone superimposed the monastery on to the mountains.

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