Thursday, June 07, 2007

the things i haven't blogged about

let's see.

suppers with the bishan gang are nice - the first to ride in bobbylee's new car. yay! although it smelled of thinner for goodness knows why. sinful thick toast from hk cafe and flipping through old photo albums at bean's. i'll miss them when they go to vietnam. in fact i'm already missing the people in newyork, india, japan etc. booo.

i can't wait for the jo to come back - we've been talking about food adventures almost every night. if not, we'd be talking about tv serials or online shops. but so far the most highly anticipated event would be the tonnes of eating to be done around the island. woohoo, there's no greater combination than goodfood and friends.

anyway, it was supposed to be happyness day on monday, what with the lovely 3stani company and amazing bbq food. it was pure bliss eating the nice sausages and ian's salad and (hon's great idea) sweet potato mash etc. below is a very strangely neat photograph of all those who turned up. feels like those formal class photos where everyone's made to sit with their hands in their laps (look, even rou an is quite guai looking) and arranged in 2 rows according to height haha. okay, more photos later!
how i wish this were the only thing of great significance that day.

after one worry-ful day of him not eating, not being able to stand or even bark, we bundled him up and drove to the vet. haha, my car is still smelly i think but whatever. so dearest jackie tan en gou was diagnosed with kidney failure (secondary to cancer i think) and was hospitalised and put on a drip at the vet's. then i had to listen to the vet (who's quite pretty!) tell me how bad his prognosis was - days to weeks, omg hai. - and how we might have to put him down. even klassie got depressed and couldn't eat when jackie didn't come home for 2 nights. sigh, heart pain :'(

today we brought him back and hopefully the situation will pick up. if not, all the mental preparation in the world isn't enough and i just can't imagine having to put down such a loyal and loving companion. how to do anything to him when he gives a face like that? :( ps. thank you to daryl phua (hon, rouan and zhenjin too) for actually visiting him, it made his day!!

a year ago seriously, heart pain :'(

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