Monday, July 30, 2007

i was born to love you

emergency supper at midnight after being pangseh-ed by family. meepok and a 2 hour talk about anything and everything. or just the same old msn conversations at the end of a sian day. my spirits are instantly lifted. nothing out of the ordinary. (okay i have no photo of this, you'll see what i mean later)

late as usual, walking and eating spontaneously, guffawing at whatever anecdotes there are to share since we last met, or whenever we remembered something from long ago, and omg frickingfunny x-rated movie titles at chinatown - body of influence 2 (i imagine the first movie was quite a hit haha) - while old cheeko uncles walking past us. and stifling our laughter at someone saying, "this is a bead cap, because it caps the bead. and this is a UFO, we call it UFO because it looks like *pause* a UFO". can't believe we've been laughing at people's weird pronunciation and logic since rgs days. haha as usual, what's new.

the 412 girls sat down on kai's porch and (just two) pinched each other like crazy people while asking loaded questions and gossiping about each other, while yunlei played mahjong farfaraway in the living room and kai challenged her mum at wii boxing. before that a failed but fun attempt to watch simpsons with sunny. to us that's typical.

klassie sits at the kitchen door waiting for someone to pat him on the head, and then someone will tell him to go away and shut the door. 2 seconds later, after successfully nudging the door ajar with his nose, his head pops up behind the door. happens everyday, and everyday i find it unbearably cute.

like i was born to love you. like a habit, like something we'd continue doing forever more. like we're meant to. sometimes, normal is exciting too.

haven't taken a photo like this for a year!

random - the three of us had consecutive index numbers for three years!

heyyy klassie baby!! :)

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