Thursday, July 19, 2007

may be.

bye uglyguppies! in the dark of the night, with his net and my for-blackouts-only torch, it felt very much like a laparoscopic exploration of the chambers of the erm, anterior... fishpond. and after throwing back the pretty ones (yes hon we caught pretty ones too!!) i feel only slightly guilty that i've actually sent a bucketful of fishies to their deaths - william's turtles have an appetite for guppies.

just 2 more days of dragging myself out of bed! (observing) one lap chole, drawing blood successfully, and examining many hernias and abscesses later, i realise this week is passing very quickly; very long but productive (more in a non-academic sense than not) days with friendly meetings every single night, that i'd have never been able to do any other week. so this is what it's like for everyone else.

pride is the most cool takuya kimura ice hockey show ever! you'll be hard pressed to find such sentimental people these days. but, for sure, pride remains universal. don't we know that all too well. now if only... Maybe.

last but not least, happy birthday joel lim kian boon! :)
i'll leave him to blog about this. photos on wenkien's blog soon.

finally, sleep.

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