Saturday, July 21, 2007

end of week of freedom!

hi kepkee!

the pretty great band playing on tuesdays at wala's is either called caterpillar, cavalier, turbulence or tabulas. i vote for the last name. it was too dark and too noisy to hear what the waiter said that night, but not too dark and noisy for us to hear him tell us twice that the upstairs was only for people above 20. what's new.

timbre last night was a result of being friends of friends/cousin of the birthday girl. though i wasn't in the right mood for the loud music, the pizza was really good haha. welcome back, zhuanghui! :)

saturday morning with jo (jolyn, not joel) was very productive - giggling in yoga and making things with wires and teenyweeny little beads feels damn different/foreign to me, in a good way la (althought my fingers felt fatter and clumsier than normal) then later a spontaneous jenniequah-and-sunny meeting, which was really very nice! i can't believe sunny and i took such a complicated route back just to spend more time together. so cute, what a girl-friendy kinda weekend :)

too bad no one's available tonight, it would've been such a smashing end to my week of freedom =p

indeed, it's so atypical to hear me talk about going to wala's or timbre on weekday nights or even doing anything productive on weekends; i've enjoyed myself this week since my parents were in italy happily holidaying. their return on sunday morning marks the end of all the late night outings and the start of angst-inducing-paranoidmother-incidents. but one thing is for sure, even if i didn't have a curfew to adhere to, school's already sucked out all energy and my eyes automatically get heavy around midnight anyway. stupid sleep debt. haha looks like i'll always be deprived of one thing or another.

cheers to all the friends i've met up with this week, it's been great staying out late =p

ps. anyone going to deborah's house, beware of the puppy!! he LOOKS terribly cute but has dangerously sharp nails and teeth, is teething, and has very springy hindlegs. do NOT bend down to say hi to the little monster. bah, Rascal =p

random photo - the largest vending machine ever!

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