Friday, July 13, 2007

omgwtfargh no wonder it's friday the 13th.

one week ago at 930pm
me: "i'm going out now"
mum: "no don't drive now, there are crazy drivers out there!"
i didn't go out.

tonight, from changi
first my dad calls my handphone:
"hello, what are you doing? don't drive at night ar!"
i was just complaining on msn how bored i am that i'm not going out.

in 30 seconds, the all time winner of unreasonable statements and bad logic calls the fucking HOUSE to check whether i'm lying about being at home. this really takes the cake...

"hello are you sure you're at home? don't drive out at night ar!"
this is followed by many minutes of irritating assumptions with the growing urge to tell everyone to piss off. yeah, thanks guys for being so trusting.

did i mention that this is cos my brother called my parents to tell them i'm going out, after i'd told him i'm NOT going out. well done man, great job.


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