Sunday, July 08, 2007

the post-buffet-feeling-fat post

of the many Fs of abdominal distension, only one is worth blogging about.

Fat - the combination of food and fun that frequently follows with overflowing florid flab.

fat. even with the walking/carrying/shoving of klassie up and down the slope of my house, ilai's fantastic captain's ball/taboo 21st party, and the chasing after doctors (which i suspect is nothing compared to other cgs in other hospitals) fat. =(

thank you ili and ian for great parties this weekend! i want to say that they make shitty weekdays worth it, but i'd rather say that i wish i didn't have to wake up so damn early everyday. write more about these when there are photos.

and the best news of the week/month: jo is back! woohoo :)

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