Friday, August 17, 2007

is it september 27th yet?

i miss having grey's anatomy to watch. besides gilmore girls, it's the only show that i, with my goldfish attention span, am still very much a fan of. season 4, starting on sept 27 if you haven't figured out by now, better be good!

i miss having more than 38 songs on itunes - if you haven't heard, my portable harddrive and computer both crashed and burned leaving me with lotsa nothing. no photos, no music, no notes.

hm, lusting. lusted. i want the elizabethtown soundtrack, and dvd too if i haven't emptied out my bank account. reading "guitar for dummies" instead of pathology, and even book 7 of harry potter (if you dare tell me who died, i will 跟你翻脸!) or the accidental. then i realise that my brother's guitar is missing one string.

the only good thing about my summer break, which has been so rudely interrupted by a little thing called school, is that i've got to hang out with friends who really are having a summer break.

blogs about my 8 weeks of surgery posting at AH (or actually, anything work-related) are non-existent, perhaps because there leaves much to be desired in terms of sense of direction, sense of purpose and productivity. but, service before training, rings in my head and the focus goes back to the patients. the patients who have been inspiring and kind and patient. their stories will make you want to bawl your eyes out. stories for another day, if ever. and since

okay, i'll just leave you with some quotes from everybody's favourite prof, the only person who can make me feel that i want to learn more and not go home early =p

"there are flowers in the desert, corals in the sea, and... *pause here for dramatic effect* patients in the wards!"
"gallstones are the tombstones upon which bacteria write their epitaphs"
"are you alright? [someone replies yes] NO! you are half left, half right!"
all followed by jolly laughter and twinkly crinkly eyes. surgical pearls :)

random photo, on our way to barcelona, from the south of france.

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