Sunday, August 19, 2007

"internship" and friendSHIP

last night was full of FunandLaughter PeaceandJoy, with the 412 babes giggling like crazy over lovely love stories and a luscious spread of chineseindianmalay food, desserts, even teh tarik included, at Straits Kitchen to celebrate val lau's be-early-ed 21st birthday.

then we set off for kenrick's sunset safari adventure - party hats, perfect presents, poker (not me) and polaroids :) photos please?


'tis the night before medicine posting starts
and i'm scared shitless
cos i can foresee a post that'll go like this...

'tis the night before medicine posting test
i'm really scared shitless

and despite zhenjin's best efforts, which included lots of patience and actually circling stuff on the map (see below - red mess behind NNI vs the red star) i am only about 150% sure i won't be able to find the carpark tomorrow. BLEAH.

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