Sunday, October 14, 2007

gals gals gals

try playing a disc labelled "GALS" in my house, and you will get strange looks from all around. O_o"

hmmm, should i watch argentina vs south africa at 3am? okay no la, since my favourite all blacks aren't playing, i'll just catch the replay. after all, i just watched half of england vs france before realising it wasn't even live =p

okay, had enough* fun over the weekend. time to study, or something.
hahaha, onwards to AH for the medicine posting test! :)

last but not least, happy birthday tan rou an! :)
i would post a cute photo of klassie wearing slippers, but i can't find both my phone and the bluetooth device thingy.

*yes, even doing shitty lit review for CHP was quite fun for a while. and an hour of harried shopping is never quite good enough. but i won't be greedy; after 8 weeks of non-shopping, anything will do.

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