Saturday, October 13, 2007

let it sting

yesterday was our official end of posting, though it doesn't feel very end-ed seeing as our test is still a week away. my "holiday" will be spent trawling the hospital for more cases. regardless, i've grown to love ttsh and its very willing to teach tutors, and i will miss it muchly. especially on my long drives to changi for the upcoming ortho posting :/

hm, time seems to be flying over my head. 8 weeks has passed us by, way too fast. i haven't made any new friends (i'm so not cut out for this friend-making business), and my head is still as empty as ever; medicine has left me feeling as though i'll never know enough. permanently underachieving :/ so very exasperating. argh.

have you ever sat very still, and just see what happens next? sometimes a thought pops into your head. sometimes the weight of the situation dawns on you. sometimes you see how isolated you are/have made yourself become. sometimes the tears just start flowing.

what i really need is to go shopping, and come back with lots and lots of flattering clothes. hahahaha :/

in happier news.
HERO is coming to singapore!!!! :)
calling all takuya kimura fans, let's go and watch together!!!! :)

oh oh, even better, calling takuya kimura, wanna come to my room, oops i mean singapore, to promote the movie? :)

yes, ilai, 22nd november!!!! :)

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