Sunday, October 28, 2007

a little bit of rhythm and a lot of soul

does it take much to make you happy?

the last time i checked, a smile is free. and effortless. and cliche as it may be, goes a long way. somehow it strikes me more when strangers smile at me, than when acquaintances say hi; perhaps the weight of the obligation to be friendly shows in their eyes. whereas a smile when you're least expecting it catches you off guard. before you can react and let your wall up, you'd probably smile back (haha it could be creepy too la, depending on what kinda stranger smiles at you). but how can i say all that, it's the effort that counts, and all sincere smiles deserve to be appreciated =p

a nice song on the radio, inexpensive (haha except last week i received my road and radio tax and i now intend to make full use of my radio to get my money's worth) can brighten up even the worst day in the hospital. should i ramble on about the therapeutic effects of melody and soulful lyrics? nah. just like how it's human nature to stare at beautiful things, no one likes to listen to jarring unpleasant hypertension-inducing... noise. conversely, maybe since nice songs are associated (maybe not yours but it is in my head) with nice events or people, nostalgia and sweet memories are something to fall back on when all is bleak. nice songs are also for singing /shouting along to [with the top down, hopefully, when i'm richer], regardless of our tone-deafness or whose ears get assailed with our brand of music, to create brand new memories. playlists called "happysongs" are something to live for, especially for bouncing to, on long drives along the pie. much rather alone, or with a psyched up friend. much rather that than awkward silences or strained conversation. waiting for a convertible/minivan ;)

a wag of a dog's tail, and his limpid adoring eyes. to come home and find an energetic puppy bounding up the driveway to greet you, or to open the door to see that ball of fur and fat blocking the familiar passageway, to see how he comes to life when he hears your voice. and only yours. really, priceless.

but the best thing in the world, are friends :) who are there to listen, there to say the necessary words in any circumstance, and just generally, be there. after a week or even a month of crappy days, all you need is one day of good company and you'll be so refreshed and recharged, you can take on the world all over again. there's definitely less of a regret that i didn't make more friends this year because of the existing security in the current circle of friends, who are most probably the best people in the entire world. after not much thought, and this is not about me sour grape-ing, i've decided that quality is much more important than quantity.

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