Saturday, November 03, 2007

stars and dust

"this is fraud! you are committing FRAUD" - a little something to look back on and laugh about when we're older. omg rou an, you cannot believe how grateful i am :) *rou an did NOT commit fraud, nor did anyone la.

friday didn't seem to happen at all cos all i remember is thursday's mad jaychouconcertticket rush - much clicking, screaming and near-crying ensued during and in between the ortho lectures, to the bemusement of everyone around us - stardust and more teevee with my friend and fellow addict zhimin who accidentally caught a bit of the cold shoulder from my parents. hahaha :D

and this morning, lunch and 4 really good emails later, i'm blissfully basking in jaychou-ness. actually i'm not in love with all the tracks now, but i expect it'll take time to grow on me. mwahaha i can't stop smiling :) yes, so nicholastan is a rock! i promise to buy the cd okay. say no to piracy!

addendum: hoho i remember friday now! girls, ask me about it ;)

lastly, big discovery of the year: klassie also has a hat talent :)

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