Sunday, November 04, 2007

甜甜的 :)


argh it's raining cats and dogs and i just had to wash the car this evening :/ tomorrow, i can't wait to hop into xiaohong and make full use of my birthday presents aka ipodnano + theradiothingy. oh, for the many uninterrupted minutes of head bobbing (because i can't dance in the car, because i can't dance) to happifying jaychou songs :)

don't judge. some people like girls, some people like cars.
i just happen to like listening to mumbling guys =p

okay it's time to start studying isn't it?
please ask me out if it isn't and please nag me if it is!


zhimin said...

Haha I ABSOLUTELY LOVE mumbling guys too! :) Lol. I am currently very very addicted to the album and it's been on my replay mode ever since i received it from you :))))))) did u watch episode 8! so exciting! :)

emily~* said...

yes i did! aiya now gotta wait another week for 9 =/

and yes!!! his songs are all on repeat! which is your favourite song? i'm scared i'll get sick of it, but that would take a very long time =p