Saturday, November 10, 2007

heelows and glayze

major marathon of tv shows on a friday afternoon after a gruelling (not even day) morning in the hospital where i missed ward rounds, clerked a patient who turned out to be the wrong one, and then went for lunch haha. anyway i've gotten the heroes addiction out of my system by actually managing to watch all 7 existing episodes of season 2. good stuff!

anyway after all the tv-watching, i was thinking, i'd like to be extraordinary. but only for a day or two, or whenever i'm bored. the rest of the time i'd rather stick to normalcy thank you very much. maybe i was born for mediocracy; does it make me less of a sheep or does it make me an idiot for still choosing to be average, or does it mean i know my limitations. haha okay just rambling. too much brain rot!

and now it's time for my weekly dose of sex in oncall rooms. ooh kinky, but i'm only talking about everybody's favourite bedhopping show not so discreetly disguised as a medical drama: grey's anatomy =p

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