Monday, December 31, 2007

goodbye 2007

haven't decided if i will miss this year, but it stands to reason that i will.

newyearnewlove not found, resolutions not made (jolyn chua are you making mine?) and my original plan to look for my favourite 2007 moments is totally wrecked by the lack of 2007 photographs aka the big computer AND portableharddrive crash. argh no no, no more negativity. time to think positive!

yes, i shall end the year by saying that i've had a good time with...

1. the ten thousand 21st birthday parties (my favourite was mine!)
2. good food hunting (ahahaha "supper" at 830pm, after our already killer 7pm dinner)
3. my medical library - see my favourite study spot under the stairs? i used to have a nice picture of me studying/posing at a table, but everything is now GONE. so here's one at the farewell party for the medlib, with zhenjin my free-mint-eating friend :)

4. the return of my cousins!! and our pilgrimage!!!
5. the sudden love for chinese shows/songs/actors and, which thanks to zhimin and the anti-will to study, started with ALL THE TEEVEE I WATCHED :) and finally watching HERO the movie! :)) and can i tell you, i really like madaboutyou and willandgrace but it's so hard/i'm too broke to find/buy the dvds!!

6. old dogs, new dogs, and abandoned dogs (oh i realise this wasn't this year, it was at the end of 2006!!! but nvm!)

7. old flames, new flames and the times in between, filled by...

8. my forever friends! and our daily banter and heart-to-heart talks, on facebook, via sudoku, on msn with kinky emoticons, about ALL THE TEEVEE I WATCHED, or on our way to the toilet (yes so it seems that when girls wanna talk about stuff they traipse off to the toilet together - i hope i'm not giving away some big secret haha)
9. the new experience of donning that white coat and being in hospitals interacting with real patients, going for very uneventful night calls/crashing and making some night calls eventful, and working with erm, various classmates hoho.

10. and all the adventures we've had with our new ability to drive everywhere :) the learner's plate has been off for quite some time and xiaohong's got battle scars - the most recent being the dent from some tailgating m5 rawr.

so, cheers to a cool 2007! cyall in 2008 :)

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