Thursday, January 03, 2008

start from here

let's start from here
lose the past
change our minds
we don't need a finish line

let's take this chance
don't think too deep
all those promises we couldn't seem to keep

i don't care where we go
let's start from here

1. be healthier - includes better sleeping habits, not wasting calories on bad food, exercising and driving safely
2. WASTE NOT MY YOUTH (haha as i type this i feel like sleeping again)
3. be patient - not cursing and swearing at people who take forever to reply (sms-es) or answer (questions), start/park their car, try to bargain about paying for what they should rightly pay for.
4. be more sociable - seriously, i've been anti-social the past year, and it's only getting worse.
5. be a good daugher - ah the million and one things that entails

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