Saturday, January 05, 2008

the year started with a bang

not the kind that most people will be happy with.

i don't like dishonesty and irresponsibility and ridiculous bargaining tactics. to hell with my resolution to be patient. girls will be girls, boys will be boys, and right now, bastards will be bastards.

mothers are very useful, to go shopping with, for a shoulder to lean on (figuratively) and most importantly, to settle unreasonable arguments with all the scum of the earth. but i kinda regret not having something to lord over him with - if i don't collect all the money, a guilty conscience sometimes makes for a very entertaining relationship (not that kinda relationship, just in general). unless my bastards-will-be-bastards theory is right and he does NOT have any conscience.

but then again, karma will do the trick, right?
good luck to all who piss off my dear mother :)
my goodness, and they say you grow to become your parents :/

what is this? haha! it is the photo of my bumper, that got dented and cracked by some bastard who hit my darling xiaohong while tailgating me - in the sense that he was moronic enough to follow so closely, without headlights on at night mind you, that he couldn't stop in time - me at the nus carpark even though he claims he had season parking. congratulations! that officially makes him the worst driver i know.

wow, don't think i've called someone so many relatively nasty names in my entire life. i am more angry at the fact that he actually dared to threaten to not pay me anything and squirm his way out of paying for what he's responsible for, and for not apologising sincerely, than for the real accident which was very silly to begin with. so, dear karma, work your magic please :)

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