Saturday, January 12, 2008

counting down, checking off

mwahaha, only 6 more days to jay chou's concertttt :)

see the inside of a club, check
watch an r(a) movie, check [although it was raining and i was sleepy and that, as we all know is a lethal combination - i missed all the nudity, sheesh!]

so that's 2 things off my list of things to do before 21 is over. considering i made this list ages ago, lost it, and totally forgot about it, it's not too bad =p don't know how ready i am to be considered OLD. urgh!

okay, it's random photo time!gef'jeonn/ge'fjeonn :)the terror that barks in the dark - eeevil eyes!this is especially for xinquan, who wanted to see my turtle!my little pony, with super shiny hair! (seriously, it's on the box) my 2-year old christmas present from rose and bean. wonder where it went for 2 years? it was on rose's shelf =)))lastly, kreme hei fat choi! special cny krispy kremes from hk :)

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