Monday, January 14, 2008

le almost boring day

the day proved to be full of free-ness, starting with a very quickly settled data entry session. then it was an hour of slacking in the computer lab and thinking of things to do while calling zj.

in the end huilin and i decided to watch le grand chef, this korean show about cooking. with less than zero expectations, we bought tickets and had a simple mos burger lunch - i can still remember the first time i sat down at the j8 mos burger with hon and friends after/before jap class with her and her pumpkin soup or something. but i digress. with some convincing, rou an and kahheng got tickets and we proceeded to spend the next 2 hours watching a really good show!!! :) i can't believe i was so sad when the cow had to go haha. reminds me of when i cried when i thought the saber tooth tiger from ice age had died. okay digressing again.

well actually that's about it. will rave about zj's marvellous tiramisu another day! when i have pictures, which means when he next makes more, cos we just devoured it in 2nanoseconds and had not the time to take any photographs =p

ah, the days of free-ness. these are so few and far between, that we don't know what the hell to do with the time. such is life.

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