Thursday, January 17, 2008

high like us :D

angry like fire *rawr*
floating like stools, cloudy like urine, hungry like rou an ;)

5 crazy people after a not so steakful mortini night meal, singing queen songs and zipping around orchard road in a little orange car, taking photos of ourselves through windows and holes at every red light.

but klassie almost got killed after chasing after me/the little orange car that evening, landing himself in the middle of the road near the chinese high tennis courts. loyal but suicidal dog strikes again! i will always remember to close the gate fully before leaving now.

then tonight a chocolate fondue set with our millions of bananas and a splash of alcohol - success!! - not so hunky hunks edition of deal or no deal (number 2!!!!) and coffee prince where some of us just melted into puddles of lust/(dis)illusionment hahaha =p

good time, good times

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