Saturday, January 19, 2008

happy belated birthday jay chou!

you know a concert is great if you wake up with no voice. despite the auntie in me having the sense to bring a bottle of water along =p

so last night zhimin hongyi and i (xinquan and zepeng too, but they had cat1 seats so out of sheer jealousy over their proximity to mr jay chou, i won't mention them anymore) went for jay chou's world tour concert. we took ages just to get into the stadium, queue to buy some souvenirs and eventually find our seats, which were surprisingly good! then not long after we sat down the lights dimmed and this buzz of anticipation filled the air as we craned our necks to see where he'd come on to stage. electricity!!

omg words cannot describe how exhilarated we were, waving our hongyi-purchased lightsticks deliriously and singing along to all the songs we knew the lyrics to. that is, when we weren't mesmerised/in awe of his fantastic stage presence, perfect live singing, amazing ability to play a million and one instruments! there were one or two songs (i think it was 安静, 黑色幽默 and some parts of 退后) where zhimin and i just shut up and listened. arghhhhh omg! and every so often we'd squeal about how cute he was, cos he actually tried to open his eyes more and it was so cute!!! :)

the guest performers were nqmm, who i can't say i like very much, but they brought some degree of warmth out of him, cos they had a conversation on stage where the audience eventually sang him a happy birthday song. after that he warmed up a lot more to the audience and sang his heart out. there was an amusing segment where he played a whole new acoustic/slow/ballad-y version of 双截棍 with nqmm. he danced a bit here and there, with out of point clowns (for 麦芽糖) and salsa dancers and strange girls touching him all over, and rather cheesy cheena dances that magically become cool once you hear his voice over everything. with a good balance of songs from his latest 我很忙 album eg 彩虹, 甜甜的 and the good old old songs, we were just riveted and not bored at any point in time (you see, i've been very sensitive to boredom these days!) even jumping up and down when he sang fast songs :) anyway, the encore performances included 阳光宅男 and 发如雪 but sadly there were only 5 songs played, and none of them were 我不配, or 简单爱or 可爱女人 or 借口 .. sadness.i guess it's cos it's kinda sad to sing sad songs on your birthday.

throughout the concert, one thing was for certain [with the exception of the stoned couple next to us] the audience was super psyched up. as witnessed by the couple in front of us shouting "i think he can see us" and vigorously waving everything they had to get him to look here, punching the air out of sheer excitement during 霍元甲, 忍者 and 双截棍. there was also this part where he sang 听妈妈的话 with the help of 周润发an d 张学友and everyone went crazy! the cool part was when i realised that the whole stadium was waving their starhub sponsored green "i love u jay" hands in time to 开不了口 and then you know. that this is why anyone manages to drag himself to a foreign country to work on his birthday.

in conclusion, even with his slightly bad enunciation and a tendency to forget lyrics - the countless times he'd mumble stuff or make up lyrics, following which zhimin would look very pleased cos she caught it, and also cos he's super cute when he looks convincingly as if nothing is wrong and tries to move on - i still maintain that he is a musical genius who deserves for us to buy his original cds! a super duper wonderful concert worth its weight in cash :)

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