Thursday, January 24, 2008


with the continuous eating (i kid you not. CONTINUOUS) only interspersed with coffeeprince, coughing, cough mixture and sleeping, and the fact that i'm kinda in denial about this new number, i haven't really been able to sit down and reflect on anything till now.

as a kid (haha) listening to david tao's 二十二, i used to think that 22 would always be far away. it's kinda depressing to think about the lyrics - i have not and there is no way for me to throw away my textbooks and go and live life. unless i really screw the pros la, something i'm determined to avoid. the hopes of going to see the world before becoming jaded are dashed by practicality, procrastination, and a little thing called school. perhaps if i were more honest, i'd say it was because i haven't the guts to fight for what i want, or that i am confused and don't even know what i want.

all these milestones cause you to think about your life's achievements, and year after year i have nothing to say except that i am thankful to have a great family and fantastic friends. this is an understatement, but i'm not eloquent enough so i'll leave it at that. thanks guys for the wonderful foody unlonely week.

** seems i've forgotten about this place in the midst of all the eating watchingtv sleeping reading (am halfway through philip pullman! yay!) and watchingtv. wait for me to be bored again, dear blog, ie wait for the studying to start. or when i have photos to share =)

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