Sunday, January 27, 2008

track 07

there is something that is thrilling yet soothing in going to the music store. to see rows upon rows of music cds, good or bad remains to be seen, or rather, heard. like a kid in a (more expensive) candy store. to walk in with the knowledge that today, you will be subjecting your ears with a myriad of sounds that could turn out to be just plain old noise, or head-bopping heart-racing smile-inducing music.

you browse the shelves, looking through the alphabetised singers, arranged according to genre, gender, language, individuals, bands, and uncategorisable compilations randomly thrown in the melange. there are stands with headphones for testing out certain recommended cds. you put them on and you're suddenly alone with the singer, he exists to fill your ears with his music. selecting random tracks to get a feel of it, impressive, dismayed or apathetic? had enough of it, or tired from standing there? move on and dive back into the hodgepodge.

the decibels blast from mysterious speakers, loud enough to surround you with the song, but not jarring to the ears, no matter what song it is - the whole store is made for your ears. in this way, sometimes you are fooled to buy whatever cds they have playing. tricked by a good sound system. and when you go home to play them, unless you have the same acoustic settings, you're going to be disappointed.

but then sometimes you find that magic cd that sounds equally great everywhere, that has songs to start your feet tapping, and voices that stir even the deepest places in your heart. there's the joy - taking home that piece of art, like a proud owner who's dished out millions of dollars on a prized painting. instead of admiring a canvas on the wall, you can sit back in your bean bag and chill or lock your room and jump around to the beat. and not think about that hole in your wallet where your money used to be =p

ah okay, i want to open my cds now. bye :)

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