Tuesday, January 29, 2008

22 shots (not tequila) from birthday week

1. this deserves to be number 1 [even though the numbers here don't mean anything cos the pictures after this are in chronological order] my notsolittle brother spent his last remaining $1.90 on 2 pieces of jellyhearts! for me! when he booked out on friday. everyone say "awwwwwww" :)

2. short legs vs hot legs - a picnic at btc even though we met at the botanics!

3. jay chou's birthday haha

4. au petit salut escargots - ask for more bread to go with the sauce

5. au petit salut - hahaha i get very happy thinking about the beef =)

6. if you couldn't guess, i had lunch at au petit salut. yay!

7. driver for the day, my jaychouloving friend, and driver for the night! while waiting for crabs and people to come. see the order list on the table? we forgot to pass it to them, which is why our crabs didn't come! i apologise to anyone i left out. sorry! :(

8. butter crab. omg, eat with mantous and you'll be in heaven

9. fighting for the butter crab gravy.

10. my tall friend, liwei!

11. disillusioned hon, vigorously hiding her nose with my poor shellfish

12. the aftermath

13. brother and angel brought me to lunch at crystal jade. that is NOT roti prata.

14. Loyal Dog with Shoe! :))) he has such short legs, aww so cute!!

15. olio @ dempsey - attention everyone, zj is so slim here! =p

16. my mum bought me flowers! from cold storage, which is where my parents and i went on my birthday night after a dinner at home. ah, family togetherness.

17. a treat for lunch and all i wanted was macdonalds :/ so to KAP we went, the land of school kids and videoezy. haha priceless cost me only $11! hahaha. okay not funny.

18. lemon meringue pie from canele after an afternoon of serious splurging with my short friend aka amos. my mum proclaimed it to be fantastic! :)

19. rawr monsters!

20. amongst the other pretty things - yay, no need to go cny shopping!

21. hmmm. this isn't phallic!

22. haha gotta love this! this is great, Jo! thanks... :)

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