Tuesday, February 05, 2008

ビューティフル 。ライフ

listening to new songs by new bands (the kooks, the hoosiers, jet lag gemini) pretending to be a hybrid of steve tyler, madonna, gwen stefani and jay chou, even when i don't know more than 99% of the lyrics. bored out of my mind in my room with the list of pharmaco topics nicely written [but oh so untouched] and notes laid out not so neatly on the table. itunes shuffles the songs and lifehouse is playing and now i'm in like with deep voices. come on, sing along. my brother is sleeping like a log and my parents' room is 10metres away. see, this is why i can't fall asleep even at 2am.

i want to have a british accent. i want to be able to dance and not look like a retard. i want to have hair that listens. i want to eat chocolate and not grow fat. i want klassie and all my favourite hawker food to last forever. i want to turn around and look into your eyes and know that the world is right. maybe that bad niggling feeling will go away.

finally finished 11 episodes of beautiful life starring my dearest takuya kimura! you can't tell i'm going to have pharmaco and cofm pros in about 2o days, can you? argh. the panic, i predict, will set in at roughly 230am, when i wake my brother up for work, and when i start to feel sleepy. cos of the show, i've been thinking about sacrifices, big or small. some call it a waste of time, some call it romantic. haha sheesh, i'm abandoning this train of thought; the music is too catchy not to continue jumping around. so much for panic =p

yes, those who danced were thought quite insane by those who couldn't hear the music

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