Saturday, February 09, 2008

notes from the department of community occupational and family medicine

- a delusion of penile retraction
- panic syndrome of fear, feeling of collapse, palpitations, breathlessness
- occurs when economy declines, periods of extreme stress etc.

may the asshole who still owes me money for hitting my car suffer!!

alright, i know that's mean, and i've stopped asking him to pay me anymore so maybe that's why. but still, not very nice to 欠过年.

the whole 2 or 3 days of cny madness has seen me reading only this slide (apart from its entertainment value, it's completely useless exam wise) from the big stack of notes i've yet to touch. sigh.

and i'm perpetually sleepy. i suspect that bakwa contains some sleep-inducing proteins (tryptophan is it?) or it's like the chinese version of turkey, along with the massive binge-eating that usually accompanies them. and i think jay chou's stupid new song for kungfu dunk is too addictive, only just replaced by the "i am your brother, your best friend forever" song from american idol 7 auditions. omg maybe simon's prediction will be right. argh rambling myself to sleep again.

looks like the chinese new year spirit is sorely lacking here. gone are the days where visiting was actually meaningful. CLEARLY i'm not in a good mood at all tonight. fuck cofm and pharmaco for ruining the holiday, and fuck the holiday for screwing with my supposed study plan. bah. okay, wait for happier posts/photos.

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