Monday, February 11, 2008


yay happy 22nd birthday to my best friend in the entire world! :)
omg i sound high, but i assure you i am not. cofm has made sure of that.

anyway, in no order whatsoever, i want to watch these movies!

1. kungfu dunk
2. 27 dresses
3. no country for old men
4. jumper (or read the book)
5. juno
6. charlie wilson's war
7. atonement
8. michael clayton
9. diving bell and the butterfly (or read the book)
10. cj7

haha!! i'm glad i've watched sweeney todd!! love love love johnny depp. it is, to quote some friends, "owning" and really, i enjoyed myself thoroughly with saus and hons. an inadvertent girls outing! hai. this year's visiting has been cui, but at least i went to hon's, for the 2nd time in the 12 years i've known her, and kenrick's for some mahjong, with a tutorial and some tips from the mahjong pro tzeyeong! love your tiles, and they will love you :)

alright. psyche up! cofm and pharmaco need to be studied in order for goingsout and holiday plans to materialise! ooh the beautiful beaches are beckoning! but the belly is burgeoning! haha.

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