Wednesday, February 27, 2008

i won't go home without you

yes, because you guys left your cars at my house! =p

yay today marks the last day as an m3! :)
*cross fingers* no vivas, no supps, please!

squid ink pasta - no smoker's teeth photos cos too busy eating
and the biggest pizza i've ever eaten!

jumper just reminded me, for the millionth time
apart from LOTR, print-to-films generally aren't worth it

"come back and we'll go to vivocity for dinner!" was the invitation from my mum, but who knew that my dad decided to bring us to *insert cardealer's name*'s "place" for dinner instead. this "place" was not some new funky restaurant like my mum and i imagined it to be. horror of horrors, it was the *insert car company*'s showroom, and dinner was catered hors d'oeuvre. as my good friend likes to say, >.<

luckily my night ended with a healthy dose of shopping, klassie and rocky, and david archuleta on ai! :) alright sleep beckons, can't wait for tomorrow and friday and saturday and sunday!

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