Sunday, February 24, 2008

albus the lion!

so i know this is retardedly delayed seeing as i watched the movie a million years ago but i am only halfway through the book so it's not that late haha. this is a prime example of what NOT to do the night before one of the most important exams of my 3rd year as a student aka the Second Professional Examination for the Degrees of M.B.,B.S. (AY 2007/2008) hopefully my dear albus will help me avoid any vivas/supps (and if i'm lucky, score well enough to impress the people in whatever university i'm trying to get attached to for electives) woo.

anyway this morning's homily made so much sense mainly cos i was awake for once, and i agree with it wholeheartedly although i must admit i've never even tried. even if water is good for you or whatever, pouring it down someone's throat is just gonna choke them. i much prefer the moderate and patient take on things like this. hm, enough about that, interpret it whatever way you want, i'm going to put post-its on my notes! good luck everyone, may cofm and pharm be a breeze :)

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