Friday, February 22, 2008

i claim you with my gaze !

haha what a fucking bad title, but it's too hilarious a phrase to let it just pass quietly and shamelessly into the archive of weird msn nicks. this is Almost as funny as angry like fire! which was what i was for about 5 seconds after spotting the mr hit-my-car-but-won't-pay. but i cooled down after the free dinner [i need to just take this space here to say that the welfare committee has been really nice and morale-boosting with all the free dinners. truly lifesavers] and after a paper aeroplane landed on my table with a nice message. and after "planning" our post-exam activities. and after talking to jo about this horrible msn nick. haha i am rambling. read on and you'll see why i'm so hyper even at this ungodly hour.

arghhh so exciting!!! i can't wait for next sunday. oh to be back in the ri gym, pretending to be white belts (not hard to pretend, seeing as i haven't been back since 2004) and learning from scratch. omg i can't wait for the PT! haha it's torture but i like it! okay i don't like the front crawl and the one where you just bounce across the mat on your back -ouch- and stuff that cause abrasions but i like the prawn crawl and my favourite exercise of all is the one where you run, scissors-ing your legs, sideways across the mats. i never quite got what muscles it worked out, but it's really great fun!! omg so exciting!!! :)

although, just imagine. every muscle movement will be so sluggish and strained. how inflexible, slow and unfamiliar everything will be. i doubt i can wear my gi the right way anymore. or find my belt. haha, still arghhh i'm damn excited!!! :)

and, i'm looking forward to going to the library tomorrow woohoo! so much fun during the non-studying times, gossiping and eating and whatnot with kaizhi and kenrick. or maybe. all this excitement could be due to the can of coffee i had this afternoon - so totally not a wise move!

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