Friday, April 11, 2008

these are the days of our lives

5 craaaaaazy girls (and chris chan) were probably the most enthusiastic people in the audience tonight; maybe it's the weekday crowd. fat bottomed girls was quite strangely out of point, or at least i've been very unenlightened, and the Bicycle!Bicycle!Bicycle! teaser was pure evil! but enough of complaining, We Will Rock You... ROCKED!!! especially so in our great seats all thanks to rose's early planning - [don't listen to honlyn] I was right smack in the middle! :)

and till this day i've been sniggering to myself everytime i recall rose actually pushing chris "for the sake of moshing", even during serious consultations in the ED. sheesh!

scaramouche scaramouche, will you do the fandango?

i love MiG ayesa! and guitar solo guy and the whole cast and crew! :)
and i love the cheat-money killer queen (actually i didn't like this song! please don't kill me) blouse i bought.
if you haven't watched, please go catch WE WILL ROCK YOU!

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