Saturday, May 10, 2008

i'm going slightly mad

first week of psych was spent at imh, talking to a variety of patients, but mostly those with sheeezophrenia, with a treasure trove of tall tales. it's given me some insight about the life of a person labelled mad, and it's saddening to know that after we may giggle about their unbelievable stories told, we still can't do much to help their families and friends. i don't know if this is my idea of medicine, but on second thought, certainly all aspects of health cannot be underestimated.

the tutors were most forgiving about our ignorance and so willing to impart their wise words to us, i believe cg 0.625 and cg2 had a good relaxing time in this peace-inducing place. i surely wouldn't mind working in any hospital with such pretty water features and gardens =p now on to 3 weeks of 2 patients. hai.

anyway, having lotsa time on my hands means watching tv (yay) and thinking too much (boo). which has serious consequences (argh) such as lower backache, morbid jealousy delusions, palpitations, anxiety attacks. someone help me before i go crazy man.

cg 0.625

"what's the name of that fruit? when you cut it, it's the shape of a star?"

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