Friday, May 02, 2008

sex, lies and ecgs.

okay so maybe there's no sex involved here. but my point is, i really can't stand it when People lie so blatantly - try harder please!

grumpy + sleepy + my aircon is turned to 20degrees but it's still too hot to sleep + getting hungry + freaking have to wake up to the destroyer of peace and quiet = RAWR :(

i really need to focus on studying for the emed eopt on saturday!!! :(
god help me, i still have many many more months of this shit to go.
hopefully, this is the worst it can ever be.

addendum: omg i wrote this at 2am, and originally wanted to come home to delete it cos some people may actually be telling the truth. but, as it turns out they really did lie, and i am still pissed as hell that people would say anything just to try to get ahead. or goodness knows what.

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