Sunday, April 27, 2008

what luck.

ah what sweet escape, from the never-ending emed case conference, with ian and co. to have lunch at crystal jade. then as we were driving to sentosa, the clouds turned from friendly white to sinister grey, but as luck would have it, they stayed neutral the whole time we were there.

10 litres of cold drinks from the birthday girl, frisbee (with a query broken nose), slippers and sand, sand in slippers, slippers in sand, complete with a borrowed pair of shades to make the afternoon more or less slacking heaven. later, a ploy to get dear zj to come join us, and the (un)fortunate coincidence of us shortly after sighting some major moobs got everyone laughing like crazy!
nice view

not so nice view

for some reason, all the slippers were stuffed in the sand.

nice photo! (haha i took it that's why)

bums! (the rest were frisbeeing)

so much for frisbeeing - joel, how's your nose?
happy birthday hon! :)
cheese :)

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