Saturday, June 14, 2008

little bits of magic :)

day 1 - malacca, many thanks to andrew for being our guide for the day despite the bad sore throat!
abandoned playground at the portugese settlement - where we found out who had a deprived childhood, and learnt more about the physics of swings.
sunset at the ferry terminal at lumut
after snorkelling in terribly murky and disappointing waters, our speedboat guy went round the island and introduced us to the various animal-shaped rocks. spot the leezhenjin!
nice clouds right! :)
zhimin took this photo - i was trying to hide so she could get zhenjin and hon on this long jetty that wasn't complete, and definitely not stable enough for me the chicken to go any further.
i think most of my magic was found swinging on a rope and screaming like a little girl while they pushed me higher and higher. the feeling of your heart and guts not travelling as fast as the rest of you, and the view from where you stand/swing is simply breathtaking.
best meal award goes to our dinner at pangkor, fish freshly caught and grilled over charcoal. so yummmmyy we ordered a second set :)on top of penang hill. despite the terrifying journey up by cable car (another story for another day) the view got nicer as the sun set and the air for once, was clean and cool. plus, we had a nice time talking after getting down from the hill.

on our last day, we did what no normal people would do, watch a tamil film without subtitles in a semi-rundown odean theatre. this show rocks btw. which other actor can play 10 different roles? and the girls, hotness!!! google it: dasavatharam, starring kamal hassan.

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