Sunday, June 22, 2008

last week in random photos

when faced with the dilemma of choosing between studying for the next posting and playing as much as possible before we all get too old and tired, it's not that difficult really =p

first up, look at my shoe, all chewed up by rockytan aka monster dog! anybody wanna adopt an 11-month old boxer, which responds to... nothing, and is extremely useful if you're looking to destroy any object or injure your enemies? my mum was so scared i'd poison rocky that she actually brought me shoe shopping haha! sadly, due to my feet being size-challenged, the lack-of-shoes status remains. 10 chwee kueh for $2.50. food is cheap in singapore sometimes :)
this is champagne jelly - an interesting dessert to end my fantastically prepared father's day meal at iggy's! don't think i'll ever go back there again, simply because i don't have the financial capacity for it. treat me to dinner there, and i may just marry you!
my dad shoe shopping - this involves the entire family crowding up dozens of shoe shops. eventually we left without buying any shoes. he also has small feet.
saturday brunch with 412 girls - jennie upload better photos please!
opera in the park thingy. the instructions were simple - "look loving!"

alright, school starts in about 15 hours and i'm beginning to get butterflies - o&g posting sounds scary already, hai! all i can say is, i'm glad i spent some quality time during the hols catching up and enjoying myself :)

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