Saturday, June 28, 2008

onfg it's 猫山王

so freaking tired, but must blog about the best/only durians i've had this year!so after a long week of our respective postings, rose zhimin zhenjin and i met up and travelled far and wide - actually to serangoon only la - to look for the recently hyped up durian of this season, the famous 猫山王. it was TGIF indeed. and thanks to clairesee for finding out the address! :)

all hail the no.1 王中之王, 猫山王!this uncle is damn cute! his friend saw my camera and forced him pose!bad photography cos too excited about eating haha
omg heavenly! i liked it better than our d24 (the big one near zj)
ps. best quote today: "haha! omg your batch has better skin than the ppl on GOSSIP GIRL!" - a friend, after seeing some photo gallery done by the admin guy at o&g. ah, the powers of good lighting and maybe even photoshop, who knows. i wanted to put up velda's damn power photo but i suspect she'll kill me, so here's me and some group shots. i suddenly feel stupid about putting my photo up, but nvm! since this way it won't offend anyone, since i'm high from swimming at rose's, and more possibly, the durian smell in my car :)

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