Tuesday, August 19, 2008

duck porridge to save the day

congested nose :(

i thought i deserved some kinda prize for waking up and going to school just for 2 hours of the most boring lecture in the world, and then walking back from block 2 to the zhangde carpark just to get the car. LUCKILY, i was treated to some fantastic flu- (and foul mood-) remedying duck porridge from south buona vista. and later it was dinner at cafe oliv with jo yun and amos, it's really affordable for the food they serve. i'll leave the food critiquing to other people with their more professional food blogs =p

oh yes, if you haven't noticed i've been stress-free (and rather bored to be honest) for a full 2 days already. cos. o&g is over Over OVER. good luck to the new batch! and may you not see me during your osces!

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