Saturday, August 23, 2008

5 lessons learnt in a day

1. lomo cameras (and their film) are expensive. damn :(

2. remember to adjust your camera settings, or at least learn how to do so, BEFORE you go watch fireworks. i still can't find the fireworks function, dear rose :(

3. shouting "let the little girl through" has surprisingly good results :)

4. the chinese have the most amazing resilience, discipline and motivation to improve and serve their community - please go and watch mad about english! :))

4.5. do not go through the ERP gantry at simlim between 605pm and 625pm. $3 gone down the drain. WTF.

5. in fact, with my empty pockets and empty petrol tank, lesson learnt is to not even drive or own a car. or you'll be surviving on no food forever more :(

lomo+electricothe 2 photos here are by zhenjin. good stuff :) the rest of the fireworks passed us by, jaw-droppingly impressive bursts of lights that make you marvel like a kid in a candy store. and as usual, all poorly captured on film with my malfunctioning camera and shakey hands.

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