Sunday, August 31, 2008

much more than peanut butter

first and foremost, happy 24th birthday zhenjin! :)
now there's semi-solid proof of your actual age.

the week's finally over - first week of the new paediatric posting is over and there's a sinking gut feeling that i'm no less ignorant than i was since the first week of csfc/surg/med in m3. sigh.

the only thing that is different is that i've kinda changed my mind about wanting to kill any kid that walks past now. my favourites are still the neonates, but now even big kids aka teenagers can be cute in their own way =p

and i have insomnia after the many glasses of coke i drank while waiting for dinner to start [it is 4am, i have finished watching meet joe black for the millionth time, literally, cos they keep playing it on hbo and cos brad pitt is really handsome in a suit] hai! and, random: i found a DEEP WRINKLE on my face. CRAP. more random: i just talked to a complete stranger from india, who logged on using my friend's msn and doesn't know how to sign out. how serendipitous. okay, this feels like some kinda hallucination. i need to sleep now now now. bye!

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