Friday, September 12, 2008

highlights, lowlights

put on your highest heels and blingest bling!

an idea conjured up during the paediatric conference, now materialised, albeit with several hitches which shall remain known only to us. ate in a coolly-named (but overall not fantastic) restaurant, wine drank too fast gave me a head rush, or rather, a very red face. it's nice to recharge like this and feel not so worn down all the time :)

ps. just found out i fucking failed my o&g posting - but all is well after a bit of moping and cheering up from friends. feel free to sympathise and give me food and stuff.

now is the time to PSYCHE UP for paeds. the problem is, it's come to the end of week 3 and i'm still overwhelmed by the mountain load of information. children in hospital however, have a special quality about them i feel; those with serious illnesses are so strong it puts everyone else to shame. as for the rest, they sure know how to handle a nintendo ds very well. i can't help but be inspired by them. as you can tell, i'm beginning to like them more and more these days :) check out this cutie pie who was so endearing that kenrick zhimin and i stayed from 330 to 5sth one day to watch her run about, cut fake vegetables and just do kiddy stuff.

too little time to meet old friends! it's getting harder and harder to shift schedules around. but luckily we found time to meet for a ghimmohchickenrice dinner tonight. the old rj campus is very clean all thanks to the dunman high cleaners and i suspect the very rule-abiding student population - check out the mirror available for students to check out their uniforms!! - there are murals on the spex gall walls that used to be brown from all the handball marks, but at least some things never change. by that i mean yenghong! =p

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