Sunday, December 28, 2008

don't hold your breath

2009's not for another 4 days. can't decide if i want it to come faster (so i don't have to study), or slower (so i have time to study). the only definite thing is that i am going to brush my teeth in the next 5 minutes while i wait for the photos (see below) to load.

for every photograph, a split second of our lives captured, there's always the events leading up to that moment, and the events following it leading us to the next day, next month, next year. haha, i know i'm not really speaking in logical sentences. my point is that, not every stillframe will make sense to just any random passerby; you'd have to be there to know what's so great about that snapshot that helped me get through 2008.

for all the friendships, i'm thankful. you know who you are.
btw jo, we have to take more photos of ourselves, not just food!

an important lesson i've learnt is also that it takes two hands to clap, and if you don't want to tell me anything, i don't want to tell you anything either. so, for all the pseudo-friendships i've learnt to discard, i'm relieved.

ps. "how i met your mother" really really rocks! :)
pps. twilight the movie really really sucked :(
ppps. i really really really love jay chou :) and that's about the only photo i can find of satisfactory quality from that night. hai!

haha the year started with a bang. and it ends with me not posting anything till next year. cya! :)

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