Sunday, February 15, 2009

i don't wanna wait for my life to be over

annoyed. that on vday, it's practically impossible to hang out with people of the opposite sex without this niggling feeling that it may cause gossip and therefore ruin any chance of having fun. well done good job gah. thus with friends who are either attached, studying, overseas, or wanna avoid scandal (or just don't like me enough to spend a precious sleepy weekend on) my plan for the day was just to wake up as late as i could, and sleep as early as possible.

which was only semi-successful when i woke up at 10am. curse the 830 ward rounds which've conditioned me, albeit poorly, to wake up before noon =p then after that it was white palms - didn't like the ending, not worth a weekend movie ticket price. and street fighter 4 and a sumptuous impromptu bbq with my family. i'm still madly in love with portobello mushrooms :)

and later i had the privilege of joining some dessert-craving girls at 2am dessert bar! always wanted to go there and try but had the impression that it closed down so i never bothered to walk to that area in holland v. it turned out to be a very satisfying last meal of the day, with nicely constructed/deconstructed dishes that were so delightful to look at and savour :) bet there'll be lotsa pictures up on facebook or a blog or something. till then, have a pleasant weekend! :)

warm chocolate tart with yummy cripsy chocolate balls on salty caramel, and blood orange sorbet.

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