Wednesday, February 11, 2009

sweet like a chica cherry cola

random news #1: o&g reposting started on monday. time to start using my brains again (maybe). i've been assigned to a very nice tutor and things seem clearer the 2nd time around. pass osces! psyche up!

random news #2: new york, here i come! well, in may la :)

random news #3: i must be the oldest person alive to have caught on to dawson's creek - just some brainless entertainment while i was waiting for lunch, and time to pass. the soundtrack is oh so very secondary school and very comforting, in a way that's totally unrelated to the storyline.

random news #4: next episode of gossip girl seems so far away! :(

random news #5: i just want to say, though i technically didn't do anything except read a few pages of o&g, i had a really really great day yesterday. that's all i wanted to say.

here's a photo of ed westwick and leighton meester (aka chuck and blair) to tide us over this period of emptiness =p

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