Sunday, March 29, 2009

all i want to do is love you

the first half of my electives have been fantastic so far, even though academically highly unproductive =p soon everyone will be flying/have flown off to various parts of the world to learn all kinds of new stuff. not looking forward to school starting in june, but i am looking forward to having everyone back together again.

it's been a great few weeks of coming and going to school whenever i want, and having the luxury of time to sleep, eat non-routine meals like brunch, tea and latelatesuppers, and meet whoever i want for as long as i want :) the best part is that my friends are free to hang out too. if you've ever tried to fix a time to meet with me you'd understand. this is like one big miracle since medfac schedules are never in sync with the rest of the world. sigh =p

(free) tea with zhimin @ halia
random meeting @ mos
the other photos are too embarrassing to put up. but the main point of this blog is to show you how cute they are and to say that i really love my friends :))

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