Friday, March 13, 2009

for the freedom i'll be missing next year

not really looking forward to studying like mad again. so in anticipation of depressing days, i've gathered a few happy photos over the past week. after o&g ended, on a happy note no less :)

after yello jello, before my car battery died =/
i love this photo, reminds me of the time we went crazy at kaizhi's house after a bbq
and hello, is klassie not the cutest dog in the world? this is him sleeping in his house before it got torn down for rocky's new house to be built in its place. YES, WTH.haha, apparently no one in my family has any coordination or timing =p
an improvement? =)surely, this will be a constantly revisited post, when i think about good food, and good times, where there's absolutely no pressure and my skin's just beginning to get better HAHA.

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