Saturday, December 28, 2013

taking stock

in the blink of an eye, and the year's ending. goodbye 2013, i've had enough of you.
although i must say i've definitely been fortunate to have the most supportive people around me.

as always, i think one should always count one's blessings. especially since i'm still awake at 3am.

1) my family - enough said
2) my dearest - for magical waterfalls, split second auroras, and picking me up when i fall down
3) my round table friends - sharing laughter and food over any shape of table, a weekly dose of cheering ups
4) my overflow/bitching buddy - for sweet notes, hairbands that don't break and the numerous "jia you" messages when things don't stop being shitty
5) my ever enthusiastic korean crazed friend - a happy pill, but at the same time someone who provides a safeplace to unburden myself 
6) mylo - my most recent dog, who loves unconditionally and has a temperament so zen-like it's nearly impossible to stay mad at him
7) my oldest friends - who know my heart, and who keep it safe and my feet grounded

ha, this insomnia has led to gratitude and put a little faith back in me. <3 br="">

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